Thursday, July 9, 2020

The reality of so-called "conspiracy theory"

You don't have to be attuned to the news to be aware of this term, often applied to off-mainstream ideas or concepts about what happened--and didn't...-- in matters of the state, politics and it's associations.  

"Oh, another "conspiracy", is the quip or 

"That's just another conspiracy theory" or 

More aimed to discount the source, not just the story, 

"They're just another of those 'conspiracy theorist'."  

Can a conspiracy (theory) actually be the truth on the matter or, as it is considered and conveyed, aimed for the truth?  

For that matter, do conspiracies really happen?  

Do persons of relative power co-conspire, using this compounded power for their collective or common interests?  Do they use DOUBLESPEAK and DOUBLETHINK, going so far as to change or pervert the language, the meaning of terms?  


Can they imply something as true or real when in fact it is explicitly false, and can they express or testify falsehoods with impunity; that is, can they get-away-with perjury?   How far and how deep will they go to cover their lies?  

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Francis Schaeffer - Courage & Truth

Quite a few years I learned of (and from) Francis Schaeffer.  Thinking of him, his message, the following:  
...Christians are often lacking in courage. We tend to give the impression that we will hold on to the outward forms whatever happens, even if God really is not there. But the opposite ought to be true of us, so that people can see that we demand the truth of what is there and that we are not dealing merely with platitudes. In other words, it should be understood that we take this question of truth and personality so seriously that if God were not there we would be among the first of those who had the courage to step out of the queue.
In the continuation of terms that defy truth and in this age of information is that truth was and is treated with contempt that plays both the plaintiff and the prosecutor, the accuser and the executioner, the means and the end.     

Why do we hate the truth?  

Because the truth is itself very powerful and, in all righteousness, poses a clear and present danger to perversions, the abuses of power.  Again, Francis Schaeffer:  
Truth carries with it confrontation. Truth demands confrontation; loving confrontation, but confrontation nevertheless.
There is no hate or contempt by the truth but rather a love of that which is pure, right and moral.  Thus, any confrontation is not aimed to destroy us but is rather aimed to save us as the truth will set you free.  

Those who challenge the truth and then go further by trying to silence and subdue it are themselves abusers of power -- fiefdoms of falsehoods that impose power by knowingly and purposely misleading and deceiving others.  

Lies beget lies and before you know it, the truth is so distorted as to be false and lies, the supposed truth.  

Who would do such a thing, pervert the truth?     

Anyone and anybody willing to abuse power -- whatever the cause, the costs.  

DOUBLESPEAK and DOUBLETHINK are both methods of such distortions, deception, that leverage the age of information, programming the public to do their bidding -- if just to do nothing but passively accept their dictates, decrees and demands.   

But then the truth will not die, but indeed, will shine a light that so reveals and exposes falsehoods of all varieties from that around us to that within us.   

And should we have the courage to accept such a revelation, the exposure, what then shall we do, how then shall we live?   

Sunday, July 5, 2020


DOUBLETHINK is another Orwellian term that like DOUBLESPEAK, present contradictions
aimed to confuse the receiver and empower the source(s) of information.  From Wikipedia:  
A process of indoctrination whereby the subject is expected to accept as true that which is clearly false or to simultaneously accept two mutually contradictory beliefs as correct, often in contravention to one's own memories or sense of reality.  
Think about possibilities; when hear or see something (usually through media) and you sense that it may not be true, real or authentic, but you think it might be staged and scripted, while convincing and credible.   

Can you think of specific examples, this DOUBLETHINK?  

Somebody says or suggest that to have peace we must commit  conflict or, said another way, to have security (here), we must commit disruption, destruction and death elsewhere.  


Can or will we each trade sensibility for acceptance, standards for so-called "New Norms", and other such compromises?   Sometimes for sure and often if we deem it necessary.   

Is a lie really a lie or is more, well, an opinion or point-of-view?  

Can the want for peace be gained by conflict and contention?  

Can the want for security be gained by disruption, destruction and death?  

Can for the want for more wealth, prosperity and power, be covered-over by the want for peace, security and freedom?    

Can we each merely accept such contractions, failing to grapple with the consequences, the costs and the corruption around as well as within us?  

Friday, July 3, 2020

THEY LIVE - Do not question AUTHORITY

Without question(s), you must obey AUTHORITY in the same way that a child obeys their parents, often without questions, but either by faith or with fear -- or both.      

Are you a child?  

If not..., and as an adult, 

What can you do about (or beyond) your reasoning; that however nonsensical and nefarious AUTHORITY may be be, their demands, orders and decrees, 

What can you do as an adult?  

Can you say, "No", with the forethought that you are an adult capable of reasoning and questioning, accepting or doubting, even dismissing AUTHORITY that apparently is working against what I believe to be right, good or even moral.   

Can you stand-up against such powers, and if so, what is the cost, the price?  

But then there are other things to consider, the things we have (presumably) and the things we want.  There are gains we each have seemed to have made and still, for some, the expectation of more to come.     

What happens when more is no more or the next more doe not come?  

...or when AUTHORITY can no longer provide prosperity or keep you captivated with all variety of distractions, delusions and drama, or when entertainment becomes an effort and the riches once thought possible are erased in the downturn of the economy, one or more other conditions?   

As it is for now, for most, there is something to be gained when we obey, conform and comply.  Some day your life may depend on your never questioning..., but then, again, at what cost, price?  

On this topic I just began another read; this one titled Man's Search for Himself, the author Rollo May.  He writes on the present society (at the time,1954);  
When a nation is prey to unsupportable economic want and psychologically and is spiritually empty, totalitarianism comes to fill the vacuum and the people sell their freedom as a necessity for getting rid of their anxiety which is too great for them to bear any longer.  
The time is coming when AUTHORITY will be more authoritative, more forceful and feared; a time when the anxiety will pass to apathy unless, by the will of both, hope is found in a spiritual relationship, Christ Jesus.   

What is your will...your source of hope?  

Thursday, July 2, 2020

More on DOUBLESPEAK (George Orwell)

Any who have read the book, 1984, or have read about it, it's influences, know that DOUBLESPEAK is "political language" engineered to deceive the listener(s); that whether simply texts, audio and especially video, the message is designed and delivered to confuse and then control, to deceive and then dictate -- even to death! 

DOUBLESPEAK is: double-trouble, as not only designed to deceive but also delivered is such a way as to ensure your attention lay where they want it, enervating the right emotions whether cool, calm, comedic or crisis -- each and all aimed to control what you think, how you feel, and what how you act -- or don't.  

DOUBLESPEAK is coy, clever and finally corrupt that is, if you consider a calculated lie as a form of corruption.    


Wednesday, July 1, 2020

THEY LIVE - Believe the MEDIA?

So much has been applied to this subject:  how much to trust the MEDIA.  

Of course, the MEDIA has many forms from the mainstream or major networks to intermediates and then to home-grown that, in my opinion, are the best, most reliable and often both ingenious and ingenuous.  

As to the mainstream, some six major networks that broadcast in the land, I simply don't believe them due to my sense that they lie--nothing more or less.   

As to the intermediates, I do sometimes catch a broadcast or maybe peruse what seem an interesting, informative topic to me.  These are somewhat independent with a perspective or position of a sub-group, say a religion.   

Then finally there are the small, homegrown variety that for the few that I ardently follow, am duly impressed with their convictions, and more often than not, content.   

Could any or all of these three groups be prone to lie or at the least, intentionally misinformed whatever the motive(s)?  Yes, of course, but I do sense that the more power the more likely to lie and with that, to abuse power.  

I know that the mainstream media is the voice of the state and thus it does the state's bidding.  I also know that many view and follow these networks, believing their content as truth, facts and figures...unadulterated and unvarnished.   

A famous WWII correspondent, Edward Murrow, said:   
A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves.  
And perhaps then or about that time, Will Rogers:  
All I know is just what I read in the papers and that's an alibi for my ignorance. 
And finally, from an activist, still living, Ward Churchill: 
The American people are free to do exactly what they're told.    

THEY LIVE - Maintain Social Distancing -- Be Fearful, Afraid

Why 6 feet..72 inches?  

What is it about this distance that is so key, crucial, critical to: 

  • Flattening the curve or 
  • Curtailing the contagion or 
  • Staying safe or 
  • Doing what you're told--never mind the efficacy, facts or anything above arbitrary law
If you don't distance then you don't care about folks.  

Social distancing does nothing to prevent or curtail the spread....  It is not in anyway justified but is yet another example of quasi-law for which we must never question or reason, but rather OBEY, CONFORM, COMPLY.   

Social distancing is to foment more fear among and between folks, further breaking down social strength with the state collecting the spoils.  As this protocol continues along with masking and other measures, the climate and conditions will continue to serve the purpose; distracting society with their health (in more ways than one) while the politic passes more laws that transfer more wealth and control of the monetary system -- the economy and society be damned.   

Lest we forget that the state is always about power no matter what it cost folks.  So put on your mask, shelter in place, maintain social distancing and above all, be afraid.