Tuesday, November 28, 2017


"Defiance" is a word the elicits sacrifice, suffering. Resistance to authority, defiance is more than taking the lessor road--it is taking the dense, even unexplored, ground that few if any think about, let alone venture.  

Yet history has its rebels, renegades and revolutionaries; it has those that simply say, "No!", accepting come what may even if the that to come was never considered before, sacrifice and suffering.   

What makes the defiant?  Is defiance ever justified, a good thing? 

The film, DEFIANCE, portrays a people, a partisan, eking out an existence in the dense forest, their lives radically changed without any real sense of what lies ahead except, in the worst of possibilities, their extermination.  Traditionally a peaceful lot, they take up arms to defend what little remains, some semblance of existence, while waiting for the war to end, peace to come.  Chaos around and within their ranks, the community is under constant threat, the elements intense, indomitable.  

How far will someone go before giving-up is often the unclear until there, in the throes.... Conditioning and coping are cousins, you know. 

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