Wednesday, November 29, 2017

To End an Eagle – In the Days of Daddy-Dumb - Part 1

A “heroes' journey”, the story begins with a crisis, the loss of lives, and ends as life is celebrated, hereafter., when darkness is no more.   

Eli the eagle is the protagonist; Vile the vulture, the antagonist.  Other characters include a host of birds as well as a few ground creatures.   Who is good, light, and who is not?   Who helps Eli along this journey, intentional or not? 

Eli embarks on this journey without knowing where he is going or will end up.  Passing from the natural to the unnatural, the eagle descends into an underworld of darkness and despair—confronted by/with things never encountered before let alone imagined. The underworld is owned by the worst of the worse; the human species that historically have provided little benefit to eagles and the natural in general. 

What becomes of Eli is indeed a resurrection, a new life in spite of many open and unending questions from the pr

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