Friday, December 1, 2017

Lost and perhaps "the dumbest" Generation

Is this “the dumbest generation”? 

From a 2008 book by a similar title, the arrival and adoption of social media is consuming the lives of the young folks, in particular.  Sure, we all are part of this electronic culture, but for the young(-er), the interest and intensity of peer pressure puts socializing as much a life’s ambition, academics and 
mentoring a distant second. 

What is to come of kids that have no daily boundaries on their attention to “the screen”, ambitions of acceptance of and attention to self, gone awry?   

I admit that not having a phone is more than inconvenient but here, in this i-phonic phenomenon, is a hardcore “having; one that might just well be a vital organ; heart, mind and soul. As the author describes in the introduction:  “The autonomy has a cost: the more they attend to themselves, they less they remember about the past (history) and envision a future. “

More than ironic is that the age of information is lost, the young folks “camped in the desert, passing stories, pictures, tunes and text…living off the thrill of peer attention.” 

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