Monday, December 11, 2017

To End an Eagle – In the Days of Daddy-Dumb - Part 2

Life is a journey. Can we affirm our beginning or our end, here and hereafter? 

Can we know why we do what we do, other than when the condition is without choice, options--by force? 

In this book, now under editing, the story carries the reader into a life, a journey, to the underworld, The Low and beyond, beneath.  This time and place, called “the unnatural”, is radically different than the natural habitat of the primary character, the eagle Eli. 

What becomes of an eagle in The Low

How can anyone survive The Low except those who made it—and even thrive in it, with it?
Those that thrive are characterized largely by a vulture, Vile, the only predator of the eagle, second only to humans.     

Will the eagle survive...succeed?  Will the eagle, no matter the depth of its will, not…? 

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