Thursday, August 30, 2018

Him Who Cares Till When - Part 1

Him Who Cares Till When is a return to a common theme; the fragmented family of divorce and child custody.    

The narrator is also, somewhat, a therapist attempting to help four siblings work-through the woes and worries of their young experience of familial conflict--the casualties of divorce and its potential aftermath as both the marriage and family are "torn asunder".   
The children, now young adults, fill the expected "roles" from the pursuits for perfection to the rebel without a cause.  

What is the answer for recovery; for peace and possibly reconciliation beyond the concerted and concentrated effort to destroy relationships through deception amid other potentially devastating behavior, intentions?  

More to come. 

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Same Old, Same Old, So It Was - new cover design

While this collection of short stories, all centered around a community in Northeast Alabama, is far from completion, still, a new cover design.  

I was never really please with the original cover and while the new seems rather plain or simple, it is aimed to carry a theme that, foremost, is influenced by one family coming from the very house shown, on South Stebbins Street.  

As the influences, ideas and inputs change for the intended book, I will update; but as it is right now, the stories carry a theme of a family and community hit hard in the social and economic decline of a post-industrial region.   Once thriving in manufacturing, textiles and the metal's industries in particular, the economy is relieved somewhat in the arrival of automotive--though without the same or similar benefits, upward mobility and the other conditions once prevalent in the economy, business.   

Move to come.