Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Same Old, Same Old, So It Was - new cover design

While this collection of short stories, all centered around a community in Northeast Alabama, is far from completion, still, a new cover design.  

I was never really please with the original cover and while the new seems rather plain or simple, it is aimed to carry a theme that, foremost, is influenced by one family coming from the very house shown, on South Stebbins Street.  

As the influences, ideas and inputs change for the intended book, I will update; but as it is right now, the stories carry a theme of a family and community hit hard in the social and economic decline of a post-industrial region.   Once thriving in manufacturing, textiles and the metal's industries in particular, the economy is relieved somewhat in the arrival of automotive--though without the same or similar benefits, upward mobility and the other conditions once prevalent in the economy, business.   

Move to come.  

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