Saturday, November 17, 2018

When Disaster Strikes...Matthew Stein - Part 1

Another reading (off and on) this book is, per the subtitle,  Guide for Emergency Prepping...Survival

Not that long ago (two or more generations), families planned for "crisis"; they farmed, canned (preserved), kept livestock and in all other ways were more self-sufficient--to include the community, societal strength.   

As community and society wains, so too does this extended resource while farming is notably a fraction of that some generations ago.  Where does this leave us, community and society, against consumerism, cultural and communal effects of dependence?   

Never before are times more critical than now; that whether financial, social-political or international; yet today, we (us) are the cusp of a crisis as no other in spite of the notion that "We have never had it better".  

For "We have never had it better", is soon exposed as an illusion. 


Same Old, Same Old, So it Was - new cover design

Still mulling over this one, the short stories against the theme, a new cover design is shown to the right.  

The inspiration behind this design is, first the color of clay in the given region of North Alabama; and while the color is not very appealing, it is matched to the clay, color.  

The image happens to be the homestead of one of the family but rather than using the basic color image from Google, I came to the ink-carving for several reasons: one, to add the somewhat aged theme and two because it reminds me (both ink caring and color) of some art created years ago by someone from my own family.  

More to come and this cover and the theme lead to stories and more stories, A reflection of changing times. 

The New Poltics of Sex - The Sexual Revolution, Civil Liberties & the Growth of [the State]

Now reading (more studying) this 2017 publication, my understanding-comprehension of my own experiences(s) grows; for in the rise of divorce, marriage and family breakdown, is the product of social and then political movements beginning with the sexual revolution. 

When/as a government is secularized (presumed to once be previously influenced and even founded on holy principles), a facsimile of individualism develops; not one that protects the individual bur rather one that ironically and finally punishes the individual under the authority of a collective idealism.  In simple terms, "real individualism" cannot occur via dependence on state power; but always, the state acts on its own interest--which has nothing to do with individualism, the protection and respect of individuals. 

 More to follow...