Saturday, November 17, 2018

When Disaster Strikes...Matthew Stein - Part 1

Another reading (off and on) this book is, per the subtitle,  Guide for Emergency Prepping...Survival

Not that long ago (two or more generations), families planned for "crisis"; they farmed, canned (preserved), kept livestock and in all other ways were more self-sufficient--to include the community, societal strength.   

As community and society wains, so too does this extended resource while farming is notably a fraction of that some generations ago.  Where does this leave us, community and society, against consumerism, cultural and communal effects of dependence?   

Never before are times more critical than now; that whether financial, social-political or international; yet today, we (us) are the cusp of a crisis as no other in spite of the notion that "We have never had it better".  

For "We have never had it better", is soon exposed as an illusion. 


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