Tuesday, December 18, 2018

AMERICA: THE FAREWELL TOUR, more from Chris Hedges

Continuing on Chris Hedges' most recent book., and to the question, "What is a parasite?", he writes:  
People think of a parasite as simply taking money, taking blood out of a host or taking money out of the economy. But in nature it’s much more complicated. The parasite can’t simply come in and take something. First of all, it needs to numb the host. It has an enzyme so that the host doesn’t realize the parasite’s there. And then the parasites have another enzyme that takes over the host’s brain. It makes the host imagine that the parasite is part of its own body, actually part of itself and hence to be protected. That’s basically what Wall Street has done. It depicts itself as part of the economy. Not as wrapping around it, not as external to it, but actually the part that’s helping the body grow, and that actually is responsible for most of the growth.

Parasites are insidious, as described, whether in the natural or financial world.  Time will tell; the maladies and potential tragedies that come from a parasite whether infinitesimal and seemingly innocuous or colossal and infinitely inventive. 

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