Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Committment (to Marriage)

There is a growing and disturbing statistic among young people and particularly men:  

The lack of commitment  

Without commitment (and without going into the reasons for this growing statistic), what is left with a "lack but no real relationship at all--whether in marriage or any other....  

What remains for those without real relationships?  A lonely, loveless and lame life--if life at all!  Without commitment, there is no plan, but only the present, living for today without any tomorrow, a pitiful and profitless place 

Yes, commitment costs, which is why there is a lack...; that there is a perceived if not potential cost that outweighs the benefits of marriage. 

Are they right, these non-committed?    The answer is troubling to society as a whole, for in fact, marriage is a high-risk proposition, a coupling without contract or otherwise, legal precedence in matters of divorce. Add to this current condition, children, and the father incurs more risks in near-certainty that, whatever the basis of divorce, he will lose his children.   

What then is commitment (under these conditions) but uncertainty and costs beyond our ability to know except when/as such is experienced, incurred, a sad state indeed. 



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