Monday, December 31, 2018

Diary of Preston Plummer - Part 1

I saw this film about two years ago on Netflix, first noticing that it was filmed on location in Fernandina, Amelia Island, with segments in the downtown area and Fort Clinch; two places that I have been and enjoyed on occasion.  

The plot of this story is/was also interesting; a longstanding deception created by the mother against both her daughter and father, and possibly her husband too--finally exposed in the climax.   To read more about the plot, The Diary of Preston Plummer

Having seen the film more than once, I was puzzled in why the mother goes to such length, presenting a lie with profound implications to seemingly those she should (or does) care about.  

Why would she lie to her family, protecting her lie(s) for so long?

But then, she goes further, defending her deception(s) as "best for them"; so in other words, she attempts to justify her lies--regardless of the damage and destruction inevitably resulting in her father's suicide and her daughter's desperation and despair. 

At the end, the mother is alone and does not seem to understand the cause & effect of deceiving others so deeply and indefensibly.  There is no remorse or contrition by her, but only contempt for her husband and daughter--as though they are betraying rather than her having betrayed them.   

More to come.  

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