Friday, December 7, 2018

Lock Him Up

No one wants to be caged but then some are, whether they need to be or not.   

When/as the system of justice is not just--but deliberately and intentionally evades and excuses justice, it is corrupt and criminal.  

Can the criminal justice system be itself, criminal?  

Ninety-eight percent or more of criminal cases in the U.S. are adjudicated with the plea bargain (and not by trial).  In the plea bargain, the prosecutor (or defense as a proxy) coerces the defendant to admit or confess guilt.  Often if not always, the prosecutor has already determined the verdict even before a Hearing let alone any Trial; and in this determination, the defendant is made aware of the outcome should he insist on his right to a trial.  By admitting his guilt, under compulsion, the defendant receives a lesser sentence or punishment.  Meanwhile, one part of the fifth amendment has been breached:  "No defendant shall be compelled to self-incriminate".   

Again, "Can the criminal justice system be itself, criminal?"  The answer, while clear, does not matter; for the purpose is not to determine guilt/innocence but to punish irrespective of the evidence; therefore, "Lock Him Up".


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