Saturday, December 15, 2018

Our Fathereless Nation - the plight of the children


The social ills of a fatherless country are serious, a growing statistics.  What is sure about fatherhood (as positive, participating parents) is that where father's go, so to marriage and family and finally, society.  Without the presence and participation of fathers, the family as an institution is doomed.  

Where have all the fathers gone? 

There is more than one answer; that is, there are variety of reasons why...nevertheless, this social ill of our society grows and the consequences are enormous and very troubling; virtually all risks for young people are raised with the consequences often long-term, lasting a lifetime.  The most troubling aspect of this trend is that it by design; yes, the decline of fathered families is intended to undermine our society and to weaken social strength.  

More on this is sure to come.

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