Tuesday, December 11, 2018

The New Politics of Sex...Stephen Baskerville - Child Custody

As one who knows firsthand the travails of child custody, I come now with much conviction and consternation of a system that unjustifiably removes a parent from his children.  

In short, child custody is a business; an opportunity legalized per Title IV-D of the IRS code. Yes, children need to be cared for by responsible, loving parents, but the financial need is really only part of that care and further, degrades all other functions that a father potentially provides to the family.  Baskerville writes:  
Mothers are not the only ones who can profit by creating fatherless children. Governments also generate revenue from child support and therefore from the proliferation of single-parent homes.
This revenue is a subsidy; an incentive provided to each state based on their collections of child support (e.g. In the state of Alabama, for every dollar collected, the state receives two dollars per Title IV-D).  Add to this program the penalties for child support arrears or delinquency and what you have is not only a racket but also a ransom; a system that imputes a once-part with the liability for the children unjustly taken from him and in effect, establishes a "pay to play" system without any defense of his visitation. 

More to come...    

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