Friday, January 4, 2019

Adrift in the Sea of Relativisim and...

To begin, I ask myself, "What is relativism?"  A definition is:  
A doctrine that knowledge, truth, and morality exist in relation to culture, society, or historical context, and are not absolute. 

A relativistic culture features:
  • Frequent changes in "normal" or "acceptable" behavior
  • Gives little or no recognition or respect for absolutes, but simply put, aims toward a moving target.  
  • Treats "truth" as something subject to change and personal opinion.  
  • Produces "News" (as in the that programmed through media) as increasingly commentary devoid of fact (checking), reasoning and logic--and much more about sensationalism, underlying and undermining agendas

In my reading this morning, a quote that inspired me from Louis Markos. 
We are, in many ways, a civilization adrift of the stormy seas of relativism and existentialism. The first 'ism' has robbed us of any transcendent standard against which we measure our thoughts, our words and our deeds; the second has emptied our lives of any higher meaning, purpose or direction. Our compass is broken and the stars obliterated, and we are left with nothing to navigate by but a vague faith in the modern triad of progress, consumerism, and egalitarianism.  They are not enough!
 ...What we need in short are stories. 
From the post picture and person, Chris Stefanick, the following short video. 

Chris Stefenick - Relativiism

Louis Markos continues, 
The stories we need are precisely those that we beckon us to follow their heroes along the Road; that will embody for us the true nature of good and evil, virtue and vice, and then engage us to struggle between the two; that will open our eyes and ears....

More to come. 

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