Saturday, January 19, 2019

AMISTAD (again) - illustrations from a book

On a higher note of the film, Amistad ("higher" that the corruption of the prosecution or state as covered in my last on this flim) is the moment illustrated above with video in the link below; here, two of dominate members among the 39 jailed are talking. 

One was given a Bible by Christians that line their route to the courthouse--and of course, he cannot read English.  Still, the one is able to put together some semblance and sequence of the Gospel using the Bible's illustrations (as you we see).   Called-out by the other of the two, he explains his discovery with each illustration beginning before the savior's birth and continuing through Jesus' ministry, crucifixion and resurrection.  

Near the end of his explanation, on illustration of the crucifixion, the one listening replies, 
"But this is only a story" 
On which the other responds, 
"But look, that's not the end of it."
On which he shows Jesus in the transfiguration, passing into the sky.  He (the one explaining) concludes that if they are to go to this same place when they die--presuming that death or execution is imminent--then it "doesn't look so bad". 

Amistad - two talk of Jesus 

It is a remarkable story of the story. 

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