Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Can (Should) I do it?

To the question, "Can (should) I do it," is first another question:   

What is "it" (task or more...) that I am to do (should or could do)?   

But then, more questions...:
  1. How many times have you thought, I can do it, only to discover that "it" is more (or less) than you considered before; the effort, costs and benefits?  
  2. How many times have you, even with a good sense of it, continue to to try for one reason or another?  
  3. How often do you immediately and impulsively stop, accepting that either "it" is beyond your grasp or not worth the anticipated, added effort? 
How often must I (or you) be reminded that trying is not failing and that, even if your  fail, there is a wealth of learning to be had--painful though it be.  It is often said as well as lived, that there is much more learned through failure, loss(es) over winning, a win

"Keep trying", I say, and find a source of hope and help that keeps you there, "trying".  

Thinking of trying and failing, I think of a film, Running Brave:  based on a true story, the unlikely victory of a 10K Olympic runner, Billy Mills, does not give up/in, but keeps on trying.  From time to time, this video and the actual race, person, is visited for some of that sometimes needed inspiration; and below, a link.  

Running Brave - Billy Mills  

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