Friday, January 25, 2019

Deception - and love, yes, love

One relationship marked by deception is that of romance, physical and sexual intimacy, and even love and marriage.  Oscar Wilde said, 
Deceiving others: this is what the world calls romance.  
But the, we often want to trust based only on sight, so says Zoe Marriott,
People trust their eyes above all else--but most people see what they wish to see, or what they believe they should see, not what is really there.
To describe it once again, this time in the flesh, is that deception and the possibility that  beauty may appear only skin deep is real--while ugliness runs deep...or at least all the signs that TRUST is not possible however ignored or overlooked. 

Mind you, there are misunderstandings, miscues and mystery in the making of relationships, especially those bound by physical attraction, sexual desire and the like; but finally and always, no healthy relationship remains in the presence of deception but only lies over lasting love. 

The Bible offers stories of such relationships, steeped in deception, such as: 
  • Samson and Delilah - she deceives him, cutting his hair and thus, removing the source of his strength which leads to his death
  • Abraham and Sarah - he deceives her, his wife, at some time in their journey, claiming her to be his sister when confronted by Pharaoh, who desires her
  • David and Bathsheba - not directly aimed at Bathsheba but certainly her marriage with Uriah, David plots her husbands death--among other things--attempting to hide his adultery with her
And often referred to verse from Jeremiah, 
The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it?
Yes, the Bible is replete with stories and examples of deception, the heart as inherently deceiving.deceptive, and plenty of warnings about the dangers of deception, trapped or trapper. More of this will be covered later in the series. 

Persons will seek and strive for what they want--what they think they need--and go to great length to get it, never mind the relationships that they invariably lose or lance along in the process.   Sometimes this deception is mild, perhaps misunderstanding amid sincere hearts, but other times (and more this mater) is intentional deception, lies in the midst of lured and lustful feelings.   

Be wary and beware of deception; left to your own devices (or vices) it will destroy.  

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