Thursday, January 24, 2019

Deception - the deceiver's two sides

Deceivers never call their actions deception or anything similar, subtle and sinister, but often use  platitudes such as policy, diplomacy and even compassion (and love)--anything positive as part of the deception, another layer of their web. 

The deceiver appears to be well intended however insensitive, insidious, their actions.They appear to have your best interest in mind while figuratively stabbing you in the back. If an individual, the deceiver is generally incapable of accepting, let alone acknowledging,  responsibility for their actions; that whether they suffer from a psychotic illness such as Narcissism or are spiritually wicked, control /power is the common cause for their actions.  

For a group, organizations or institutions, the inner workings and myriad of relationships multiply the matter, means and methods; thus, compulsion, collusion and conspiracy are rampant--power most poignant, pervasive  You can see and sense this in the present partnering of media and the state, where deception is simply status quo, propaganda.  They are as thick as thieves. Nay, they are thieves.

The Great Deceiver is Satan, who first enters Biblical history at The Fall, deceiving Adam and Eve into eating of the fruit from the forbidden Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil and consequently, falling from grace, the garden.   Satan has power beyond human comprehension, the practice of such schemes described in numerous scripture but more notably with the temptation of Christ.  Here, Satan is truly able offer Christ  something if he will obey; and should Christ comply, then mankind is left hopelessly without forgiveness, redemption and salvation.   Jesus comprehends this offering in TRUTH and therefore rejects the offer, offering scripture instead. 

The deceiver will, as already said, mix truth with lies--all the more convincing to those under threat. They will appear well intended, even good, but again, be wary and beware of the end effect, control/power over you.   

More to come.

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