Thursday, January 24, 2019

Deception - the face and farcity of it

Healthy relationships are built on TRUST; without TRUST, no healthy relationship can survive. 

Deception is all about us, within us and beyond us; it pervades our humanity from The Beginning, when Satan tempted the two, convincing her to eat of the apple.  Generation after generation, no matter the culture or other condition, deception is present.  

The condition is so critical that this second entry is but one of a series devoted to deception, the bane of any meaningful relationship, personal or public, private or published.   

Where deception find ultimate power is in not only fooling, misleading or misinforming, but also shifting the blame, guilt or shame, on the deceived using terms such as naive, gullible and the like, along with the prevailing position that the deceiver is never wrong or otherwise is beyond blame.  Deception gives all advantage to the deceiver, both the effect and the cause.   

When two or more deceive another, they conspire or conduct a conspiracy; and using all available means and methods, they will co-conspire to hide heinous acts against others--even murder of the innocent, the helpless.  Groups commit deception under the guise of policy or diplomacy, expressing and promoting good intentions while spreading their web of deceit, undermining other groups in the conquest, confiscation.

Deception is without a match when left unchecked, when the person(s) are not called to account, their actions condemned, their acts and crimes, punished.  Their lies left to fester, the wounds made by a fouled soul, deceivers will flourish simply because they will continue to deceive for as long as it works for them.  

Lies upon lies, deception views TRUST and TRUTH as character flaws, weaknesses and vulnerabilities. Yet at the same time, deception seeks out these "flaws" as opportunities, the means to power--getting what they want whatever the costs. If ever called-out or questioned, the deceiver will deny it or, if this does not work, will move-on leaving a wake of damage and destruction in their path.  Deceivers seldom accept responsibility for their actions.

In their bag of tricks, deceivers will deploy/depicted weakness, playing the victim, in order to can an advantage or leverage with the law.  Using one of "The Art of War, deceivers will adopt and apply to, 
Appear weak when you are strong...
They will also cleverly combine a pound of lies with an ounce of truth, once again acting on what Alfred Tennyson described, 
A lie that is half-truth is the darkest of all lies.
Beware and be weary of the deceiver, deception, the deadly spider's web.

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