Sunday, January 27, 2019

Deindustrialization in Dayton

As one employee laments (see link below), 
When the plant closed here, economically, it was devastating.
Dayton Ohio once produced more autos than any other city except Detroit.  In/as de industrialization took its toll, not only did folks lose good jobs but they lost hope too. 

As the video describes, all the adverse consequences of under and unemployment follow undoing a once thriving, vibrant city.  

Deindustrialization in Dayton OH

Dayton is only one of such cites, communities, that have seen its better days, but is among many.  Sure, "things change", and that just as this city rose to some peak of prosperity, it evidently declined.  One might quip, 
What goes up must come down
As the lyrics go, Blood, Sweat and Tears.  

I share this story simply because I have witnessed firsthand the effects of de-industrialization, globalization, the outsourcing and off-shoring of jobs.  I have spoke to some impacted by such economic and communal changes.   Members of my family, some that prospered during better times, might very well be the last to experience upward mobility and all the opportunity afforded then, as it was.  

More to come.

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