Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Diary of Preston Plummer - Part 2

At the climax of the film, a "showdown" between the daughter(Kate) and mother (see link). 

Preston Plummer - "They won't find out"  

Here, the mother (Emily) remains resolute on maintaining/controlling her deception.  The daughter, Kate, enters shouting. 
"You lied to me...", 
The mother slaps her daughter (Kate) on impulse (a way of trying to reassert control) then grabs the daughter, holding Kate while attempting to explain why she did what she did.  The mother explains,
"I did not want you to grow up starving like I did...,"
suggesting that the deception was all for her, Kate.  Even with this show however, Kate is not convinced of her mother's words, evidently seeing the longstanding deception for what it is/was, responding: 
"You didn't do this for me--you did it for you!" Once again, the mother grabs her daughter--as though to scold her by clutching her face--sneering,
"You don't know what your talking about!" 
In the confrontation is the mother seemingly convinced of good intentions while Kate, in stark contrast, concludes that her mother used her, deceiving and shaming her.  Emily continues however, claiming, 
"I gave you everything...," for which the daughter shouts,
"You were suppose to protect me--you ruined me...!," pulling away.  
 More to come.


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