Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Diary of Preston Plummer - Part 3

What was the deception, strategy and scheme?  

First, the grandfather (shown above); he owns this apparent sea island, once resolute to keep it undeveloped, the natural habitat.   At the time of this story, he is dying of cancer with the land/property relinquished to his daughter seemingly because of his poor health but otherwise per the deception.  

Deception: years prior,  the daughter (Kate) as a girl, an accident occurs while the grandfather is caring for her; she falls from a tree and is hurt ostensibly in her genital area.  Seeing and seizing this accident as an opportunity, the mother (Emily) extorts her father, suggesting that she will file rape changes unless he gives up the land, the island. Seeing this threat as real, the grandfather gives up the land/property, upon which his daughter  Emily and her husband build and operate the featured resort.  Emily has big plans for the property, the resort and other developments characterized as "strategy and scheme".     

Emily tells her daughter that she (Kate) was raped by the grandfather.  Too young to process this claim, the daughter believes her mother and from that time until now has been unjustifiably estranged--accepting her mother's claims as true--from her grandfather as well coping with the stigma-shame, a victim of rape.  

Kate realizes that she was not raped after bleeding from sex (apparently her first time) with Preston.  It is then that she confronts her mother and contends the lie(s) [as viewed in the link in Part 2]; and consequently severs relations with Emily, the end result or effect of deception.  

More to come.  


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