Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Diary of Preston Plummer - Part 4

The film site is Fernandina, FL (Amelia Island) with a variety of scenery from the downtown area (as shown above) to Fort Clinch State Park.  It is a beautiful landscape and background in spite of the underlying deception, the betrayal of the daughter (character shown above) and the extortion of the grandfather, the principal owner of the island property (see Part 3 of this series).

Here, downtown, the two (Preston and Kate) are enjoying the passion of their developing relationship.  He is a promising physicist bound for graduate school.  She is also a student at the same college.  He speaks of space and the outer regions but seems equally able to return to earth, his senses evidently secure in a meaningful relationship with his now deceased grandfather and protege, and his upstanding scholarship as an undergrad. 

They meet at a party just before his graduation.   At odds with a presumed date at this party, Kate is looking for a way to leave, enter Preston. As a reward for his chivalrous act (but more because she needs another favor, transportation home to Florida), she asks him if he wants to go on vacation with her.  He agrees...and off they go, seemingly strangers, to this sea island resort (Amelia Island).  

The developing passion is upstaged and overshadowed by the deception, mostly manifest in her fears of her grandfather, her longstanding estrangement.  Fascinated by this family dynamic, Preston goes out on a limb, visiting the dying grandfather, aimed to discover the story behind the rift in relations.  Once she realizes what he has done, she (Kate) lashes out--having told him not to get involved or inquire further in/on this family matter.  For warranted reason, the rape is not something that she wants him (or anyone else) to know about; hence, her initial insistence and then later, ire when he returns from his visit with the grandfather.  She must cope with shame and losses--not the least of which is a relationship with Preston.

More to come. 

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