Saturday, January 5, 2019

The New Politics of Sex - Power

Continuing in Baskerville's book, he adds (p.26, from Milovan Djilas, The New Class, 1958)): 
Power is the alpha and omega of contemporary Communism
written during the repression of the '50s, Milovan continues, 
...all can changed and sacrificed--but not power.  
Expanding on this quote about Power, Baskerville writes, 
Sexual radicalism shows a similar absence of fixed principles and adopts irreconcilably contradictory  positions as needed: 
  • All gender differences are constructions but have special "needs".
  • Women are oppressed  by artificial gender roles, but these same roles make women "caring" and "compassionate"
  • Men and women must be treated identical, except when men must be that women can win.
  • Fathers should assume equal responsibility for caring for the children, but custody (along with the power and money that accompany it) must go to mothers.
Where then is the supposed equality?

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