Monday, January 7, 2019

The New Politics of Sex - the problem with this idealogy

First, what is an ideology?  It is opinion or belief of a group, often political. 

Continuing with Baskerville's book, he writes (p. 29), 
The paradox of sexual ideology is that each newly demanded sexual freedom comes with a corresponding criminal punishment.  
This ideology is political in that it produces legal reforms that invariably fall into the abstract, manifested in family court, domestic matters and such.  These reforms bypass so called Due Process and in practicality yield a verdict of guilty (or analogous punishment)  without so much as a hearing let alone a trial. Yes, this reform is expedience, where the end--which is to reduce the other--justifies the means.  

One or another might say, "Well, he is after all a man and therefore must be guilty," but the problem with this presumption is that it will invariably infiltrate all prosecution, no matter the case, rendering Due Process and merely words or documents--and nothing more.  

On the domestic front, this ideology has been a clear and present danger as Baskerville continues, 
The potential of sexual politics is...the steady erosion of family integrity, personal privacy, critical thought, and civic freedom.
How?, you might ask.   

When/as the state receives the power to sunder the supposed presumed innocent to their chamber under expedience, it no doubt will continue while expanding such powers to consume even those who, as Baskerville puts it, 
...ideologies eventually go wrong, as the power they confer is used by other people for other purposes; zealots themselves become victims  as the revolution "devours its own children."
Again, the state is a fearful master; and thus, when one or another solicit its help, sooner or later, they succumb--seduced by an insatiable force.  

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