Monday, January 21, 2019

The New Politics of Sex...Stephen Baskerville - Gender

My intermittent but continued writing on Stephen Baskerville's latest book is driven on the interest of this (these) subjects, topics and issues.  Certainly "Sex-based Politics" is nothing new, exotic or erotic, but it is an area for which I have been part of.  I

I must emphasis  (again) that the dangers that await a justice system that punishes and prosecutes based only on one witness, is corrupted; for the simple fact is that when a witness is allowed to say anything--without testing the veracity of their statements--then they will say everything that their conscience allows. Simply put, a witness will lie if they relieved from any repercussions.    When the accused is allowed no defense--effectively blocked by the courts--there again, the courts are corrupted.  

One must face and feel the distinct and definitive condemnation that comes via expedience, where the end justifies the means, only to realize that Due Process is dead, merely a myth or legend and nothing more.  As courts have and do default to expedience, circumventing the measures aimed to protect justice, they are guilty of intentionally failing to uphold justice. When/as the broader systems are inherently partial--in the context, to gender--they are  guilty of prejudice. Sadly, the justice system has come to such times, questioning the underlining intentions of the state, the natural patriarchy of family. 

What I say and believe on these matters is not to push the scale to the other extreme but rather to underscore the need of Due Process and impartiality as opposed to the current status for the protection of family, as described in The New Politics of Sex, (p.36).  
Our concern is with government policy.... The full dimensions of the family crisis can only be understood politically because the family is the pivotal intermediary between the individual and the state. Many basic questions raised by political philosophy are pointless without accounting for the family. [] Family decline carries serious implications for civic freedom in ways that likewise are not always obvious.
For me, this matter has always been about family, my family and the many that are dismantled by "government policy" ranging from no-fault and unilateral divorce to single-parent custody promoted through Title IV-D of the Social Security Act. 

The short on Title IV-D

 More to come.

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