Friday, January 4, 2019

The New Sexual Revolution -- sexual minorties

What the New Sexual Revolution has done (is doing) is to create in effect another minority (beyond gender, race or religion); a minority that is, by default, a victim of prejudice and other abuses, physical, occupational and emotional abuse(s).  If you are a sexual minority, then you--or should expect--entitlements that enable you to be free from convention, traditions and other cultural norms heretofore.  What is more, you have some exceptional rights that enable you to rise above others, the apparent latitude to somewhat choose  a forum whereby your chances of winning (advantage), are rigged in your favor.   

Return to Stephen Baskerville, The New Politics of Sex, (p. 15), 
Both feminism and the newer homosexual ideology began with apparently modest demands:  feminists to legal equality with men; homosexuals to be left alone in private life. 
It is now apparent that these agendas encompass far more than meets the eye and that we have opened a Pandora's Box of demands and urges that, like sex itself (and political power), are insatiable.
Finally, feminism and its ilk is (or has become), as Baskerville continues, 
It is an ideology that uses sexuality as an instrument to satisfy human craving for power. 
And the risk, even certainty is that power breeds corruption, more power and more corruption.   

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