Tuesday, January 8, 2019

What is Truth?

"What is truth," said Governor Pilate to Jesus.  Was this a statement or a question remains itself a question. For all intents and purposes, the question is not "What is truth" but whether truth really matters

In the words to follow, I will briefly address this question or condition supplemented with a video, link below. 

On Truth - what is happening.... 

"If you're wondering what is happening to truth, consider Relativism, how it works to destroy truth, facts and reality, supplanting absolutes with new norms.  

Intolerance(s), for example, are not universal; evidently, others can be intolerant to their supposition that you are intolerant because your values to not comport their beliefs or norms.  Further, intolerance is generally contextual, often applied or asserted with opinions of sexuality, deviations or disagreement from/with heterosexual convention.   

So-called "Hate Speech" is likewise exclusionary; this potential crime is more limited to critique lodged on only certain behaviors or classes; thus, the message is not so much a factor as the acclaimed target. What's good for me is not good for you. Your speech or comments are cruel only because I am the target--and I have exclusionary rights of protection.  

Terrorism is not universal either, but is more a determined act of violence toward a particular state or body that possesses the resources to pronounce it and then prosecute or retaliate. The best way to reduce terrorism is to stop committing it.   

This may sound like as an overdone refrain but the times are chang'in and the rules, well, favor only those who aim to rise above the rest on the belief that they are superior, entitled to preferential, exclusionary rights.  

And while this destruction of truth continues, society further fragments and those who aim to rise above the fray on some -ism will, in most cases, discover just how just such a system of justice really is--even for the exceptional.  

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