Friday, January 11, 2019

Yes, They Live - another post...

Once again, I present the film, They Live.  

To understand and appreciate the film message is to see and sense the central message:  that things are not as it seems and that behind all the advertisements and other media that zone in on us, the realty is a relative few who (attempt) to control our thoughts, feelings and actions.  No, I am not referring to things spiritual, eternally, as to a belief in Christ as Lord, but am suggesting (as the film portrays) that consumerism and conformance is the religion of the debt-based culture, rooted in secularism.  

Once more, a clip from They Live; here, the main character, outfitted with special sunglasses, is shocked to see the fundamental themes beneath the surface of media.  

 They Live - See and Sense 

Our culture is much this way; the media's subliminal messages along with all other means and methods to manipulate each/all to not think or reason, but rather, "Do as we tell you to do."   Whether "they" are present and among us (as depicted, those with skeletal faces) is another matter to consider, but can you deny that with our culture's religion--the purpose for our existence--is an intense drive directed toward prosperity?  

Be careful and cautious, for this drive and direction will not end well.  

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