Sunday, February 3, 2019

Unmasking Deception - methods and mechanics

I find the attached video as fitting the bill when it comes to waking up and seeing the deception all about us. One may ask, 

"How do I know what's real and what's a lie. Where do I gain the confidence and clairvoyance to first see and then believe without doubt?"  

It is not easy--that's for sure--for among other things, constraints on our conscience, is the certainty that we cannot always or often be certain. 

Yes, we see it (whatever it is) but is seeing really believing?  We feel it by other senses but then, is it really as it appears?  And yes, I know that these questions and the subject is abstract and ambivalent, but so too is the deception, the art and science of it.  

What is better for you; to be the fool or to be wise, to be deceived or to recognize the con and say, 

"See ya--cannot believe ya!" 

Sometimes this is hard, requiring a great deal of courage and confidence; for to call-out deception is to invite a plethora of pain--as one who knows. 

 Mechanics of Deception

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