Monday, March 4, 2019

Freedom, What it is--and is not

Freedom; what is it--and what is it not?   

Please, watch this and listen: 

It is a great word, "freedom", an incredible concept; but finally, what is it? 

Can governments deliver on their proclamations and pronouncements of freedom?  Can they offer anything more than a flag and a few ideas--even giveaways--as some sort of bait & switch?  The answer is "no"; indeed, governments or the state operate by force alone, whether through militancy or the media, the controlling of the mind, the masses.  

Freedom (or liberty) is not the supposed right to do what you want, but rather, to do what you should.  

What should you do?  
What is the right thing?  

Please, do not depend on the state to set the basis of what is right, the right thing?  Like any one of us alone, the state is prone to corruption but, with immense power, puts corruption into practice on a scale as no other.   

The state nor any such institutions can deliver on freedom.  Where then does freedom, to the extent of possibilities, come from? 

Freedom to its fullest comes only through death, if at all, when the soul is set completely free from corruption.  

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