Sunday, March 3, 2019

Hero in the making

A hero in the making is one who is learning to overcome fears; perhaps, he is realizing that fear(s) is/are or can be very real, but often are simply the absence of love (if you consider that love overcomes fears).  

Mentioned in the last article as an example of a hero, a woman decides to try to have a child, to give birth. In the ages of history, it was not that long ago that childbearing was much more fatal ; and thus, all the more a hero she is--or was.  Sometimes, perhaps more often than not, she did not decide on her own--or decide at all--but the decision was one of her husband and/family (at the same time, it was convention for women to bear children). 

Aside from the health risks, child bearing is crucial to a society (any society showing a sustained, declining birthrate is dying). It is (or was) heroic to bear children but it is/was also heroic to raise them and, preferably, to do it well.  For the ages, folks have formed families, tribes, clans and communities that constitute a society, civilization, and undoubtedly there have been many unsung heroes along with those who never qualify. 

Mothers can be heroes in many ways, not the least of which is their love and care for their family; but even though they bear children, still, a mother may fail to love, to care and to offer herself a sacrifice (much of the same applies to men, fathers and family).  

What then finally makes a parent a hero (principally to his children)?  
It is an undying love. 

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