Thursday, April 25, 2019

Courage in the Crush...continues

My discipline in writing is in need of some refinement, for not only have I neglected this blog but also the editing of my latest book, a play, entitled:  “Courage in the Crush”.  

What is “the crush” and why is courage the call?  We live in a world that is getting crazier by the day and with all the technology that, whether meant for good, is (or can be) applied for bad, intentional or not, the consequences can or could be as no other in history, hence “the Crush”.  

This book is written as a play with some 6-7 speaking or active characters; 4 supposed good creatures or crustaceans and 3 supernatural, evil creatures representing and controlling many fallen angels and even more physical creatures of the natural world, the great collective of the many.

This play is about a small band of crabs struggling to survive in a sea of ever growing danger and despair; where love (called “care”) is dying. A world without love is near death, a time beyond any return to the beauty and bounty the spawns from care, caring.  

Unparalleled hatred among and within these creatures, high and low, followed with apathy and indifference, all lending to the Crush. Meanwhile, the many merely follow without question as fish in a barrel, herds or hoards blindly following spirits to hell.   

Where does the take us (or them) but to the precipice of life and living, on the cusp of the dark and deep, the darkness of space and deepest beneath the bottom of the world.  From sea to sea, shore to shore, bottom to top, the world is fast approaching crush pressures and who but a band of crabs confess of what is happening from the past backward to the future forward, traveling through time and place shadowed by the spirits.    

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