Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Voltaire – God, existence or invention

First, let us be clear that here “God” refers to Yahweh—and not any other….Second, and is presented previously, Voltaire’s antithetical, even sanctimonious, words regarding Christianity was (or is) aimed at the church, not the Christ; that the church was (and is) corrupt, sometimes far from the radiant bride referenced in the Bible, In the worst case(s), the corrupt church (or body) is a harlot, selling herself off/out to any and all, sorted and sullied. 

Voltaire writes however,
If God did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him.
Why then…, why would invention demand a god-like figure, being? 
Because hope is necessary; why, without hope, where would humanity be if it remained at all?  Yes, God is a source of hope, a restored and restful time and place beyond the chaos and corruption of this present, fallen world. 

In his writing, Candide, Voltaire:
“You're a bitter man," said Candide.
“That's because I've lived," said Martin.
Can anyone escape bitterness, any who live long and thus experience life’s many offerings, the give and take, the ups and downs and all a-rounds? I myself struggle, swallowing the described bitter pill, attempting to rid myself of that elusive and esoteric hope. 

But, as a bidding for hope, he suggest,
Let us cultivate our garden.
Which is to suggest that to have hope we must work, cultivate and collect the succulent produce of life, chew, swallow and digest it, nourishing from God’s richness and righteousness. 

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