Monday, May 13, 2019

Voltaire – to love and be loved

Voltaire tells us:
A man loved by a beautiful woman will always get out of trouble.
First, two things: 
  • The man must be loved…, always
  • The woman must love him, always

If the woman does not love or has, as is said, “Fallen out-of-love,” then the only possible outcome or result is that she is indifferent or worse, she is vindictive—not only dismissing his trouble but causing at least some of it in the first place. 

A man not loved or no longer loved by a woman, her beauty belied by bad behavior, is a man with potentially much trouble.  

A woman in this state that in turn summons the state to her side means that the man is in for trouble with a capital “T”; for in such circumstances, someone is going to jail and that someone is you, man!

Take heart however, for in life’s hard lessons—where loss and losing abounds—is the realization that love is fleeting as each beauty; that no matter what surgeries or regimens follow that one lovely, beautiful woman, time will do two things:
  • Time will summons the truth
  • Time will turn losses into lessons, folly into wisdom and a whole host of other things that only loss, failure or folly, can produce

To love and be loved is unto itself a thing of beauty, bounty.  

How rewarding a man’s life who knows what love is and is not, what is final and forever and what is fleeting, here today and gone tomorrow.  

The same who is seemingly sincere when they say, “Till Death do us part,” can soon surrender to the modern mantra that, “He does not make me happy”, subsequently shorting their one sacred vow with a Complaint for Divorce followed by a litany of vindictive behavior not only imparted on the man but many others too. 

Oh, how sad and sorted to be a thing once beautiful, now beguiled.    

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