Monday, May 20, 2019

What’s love got to do with it?

More than one story or song carries the betrayed and sometimes besieged lover; those scorned, shipwrecked and scattered from the storms, on the shoals of perhaps the once warm and wonderful….

Some may recall the phrase made famous by Tina Turner, what is love by a second hand emotion.  

One then must feel love to fall in love; one must open their heart, making themselves vulnerable, to experience some semblance of love no matter which kind. 

A parent, for example, commits their lives to the care of their children sometimes making great sacrifices along the way.

Does a parent’s commitment make certain of the child’s future, their relationship and all?  No, one’s effort does not altogether determine the end result, outcome or eventual life of the child, but what is finally the fact is that, sincerely, the parent may find some solace in knowing that.
“I tried to care for and love my child, children.” 
Love is not the answer when it is proven to be part of the problem; that is, that love is exploited, reduced to some statement, all words and little or no action

What’s worse is that love is misapplied, malformed as some feeling or idea that, again, has not substance or real sense. 

Nature provides us love as even animals can and do exhibit and, further and farther, Christianity produces a love beyond our instinct; yet, given both these causes, the end effect is that love is deeply sickened, stricken with the unnatural and sinful influences of society. 

When love dies from these causes, all that remains is Hell.

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