Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Truth, Justice and the American Way

Not to address the "American Way" but more the topics of truth and justice--once again. 

Reason should suggest that any chance of truth and justice demands Discovery, both the collection and distribution of evidence, facts and all other; yet this is not so. 

Indeed, Discovery becomes rather incidental in the application of The Plea Bargain, expedience irrespective of the facts.   

As presented on more than one article of mine, The Plea Bargain is an clear violation of the Fifth Amendment, No witness shall be compelled to self-incriminate. The Plea Bargain is an abuse of power, bargaining away the lawful rights of a defendant; rights that should not be negotiated, nullified in effect. 

No one can deny that Superman is super and that, all in all, this superhero stands for these ideas of truth, justice and the American way.  Equally undeniable is that Due Process and the rights of the defendant are practically and professionally denied,  expedience rarely the exception.   

Where is Superman to save the day?  

Few in the court system would agree with my opinions--only because they do not have to--but instead, follow the course of expedience far removed from what William Blackstone conceived and crafted in The Rights of the Englishman--an inspiration for The Fifth Amendment.  

With in excess of 98% of all criminal cases adjudicated with The Plea Bargain is it any wonder that we have the largest prison population in the world?  

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