Saturday, June 1, 2019

Voltaire – made for a purpose

In much messages of life is that all things happen for a purpose; whether a thing or somethings, each and all are purposed as a thing or for something. 

Voltaire seems to believe that,
It is proved...that things cannot be other than they are, for since everything was made for a purpose, it follows that everything is made for the best purpose.
In this frame-of-mind or point-of-view is not only do things happen for a purpose but that 

“...that everything is made for the best purpose.” 

  • What is really meant…? 
  • Was he (or did he) consider the things tragic or tumultuous, death and destruction of one form or another? 
  • Is or was there nothing in his life that came without a purpose, determine and then decided? 

Most likely not….   For life always has mystery where their remains questions as to the basic question, “Why?”  

  • Why did it happen (or why didn’t it)?  
  • Why did (or do) I have to endure pain, sorrow, grief and all sundry of other things that are hard—maybe impossible!”

Among the many through time, much have endured the things righteously undeserving and rightfully undesirable. 

Yes, many suffer much while some seem to skirt the ills of the world through their wealth as power.  Whereas the many suffer, a relative few succeed by some semblance.   

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