Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Separation, of course not but prayer?

Coincident to the first of possibly several posts on this subject, this from an article with Desiring God, “The United States of Ambivalence, Celebrating the Founding of Imperfect Freedom”, Thomas S. Kidd:
We find much to commend in the American tradition, but it can’t be our ultimate allegiance. As with Christians everywhere, “our citizenship is in heaven” (Philippians 3:20). Nevertheless, as we keep our eyes on the heavenly kingdom, Christians in America have many reasons to thank our King for the blessings he’s given to this imperfect nation.Back to the question of this previous post:
If the church is a sacred house of God should it render allegiance to the state with a flag or by any other? Yes, there is much to commend but then, what about that to condemn? What about enough is enough or, "I cannot believe they do ____? 

Prayer is an answer and I for one admit that I do not pray as I should these days for those in authority from the leadership on down. 

Why do I not pray as I should, as I am instructed? There is no excuse; the NT (Paul) urges us to pray for such, perhaps that they will lead with the kind of virtues generally described as fairness, the rule of law, and some moral base similar to that which individually we should hold to, reserve and preserve.

If/as I do not pray I am not serving or given allegiance to the things of God but instead am passive, ambivalent or worse, indifferent.

Yes, I must pray.

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