Tuesday, July 2, 2019


COURAGE is a subject that I have been writing about; it is a theme of the book (and play) that I am editing, 
 COURAGE in The Crush 
It is a subject of interest perhaps because we all need it--COURAGE.  

In the play, an allegory, several crabs are traveling through time from the sandy shores to times and places far beyond their wildest dreams.  With each passing period, the crabs learn about spirits, both good and bad, and how spiritual forces control the Earth from the deepest deep to the unlimited dimensions of space. 

In this spiritual realm is a struggle between good and evil, COURAGE and the conflict and contention that leads to destruction and death.  In the struggle is both the natural who represent that designed for COURAGE and the unnatural who aim to undermine all that is good and right.  

COURAGE makes the difference for the natural as they struggle to overcome the deep and dark, the power of the world.  

More to come. 

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