Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Truth gains Trust

Why is trust so, well, trusted?  Because trust presumes the truth; it precludes that the words of another are truthful to their actions. 

Sure, we slip-up from time to time, saying one thing and doing another; sometimes we may even be hypocritical, two-faced, lacking integrity and losing the trust of others. 

Sometimes our intentions are good but the consequences of our actions are not, whether our words and actions conflict or someone misunderstands or misinterprets us.  

Simply put, we are not each perfect and sometimes can even slide into the depths of deception, deceiving and being deceived.   

Don't tell me the truth, but rather, tell me what I want to hear.  

Sometimes the truth hurts and more, the actions that follow.  We cannot always trust our feelings let alone that of others, actions and all.   

What finally matters is the heart withing, the wellspring of life.  If our heart is right (not necessarily emotions), then are intentions mean well and our actions...well, that is always subject to the other(s).   

Know that a healthy heart is trusting and trustworthy, truth be told and then, more, be lived.  

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