Friday, April 10, 2020

Beginning again after many months of nothing, no posts

After many months of idleness, the blog begins again. As of Thursday, yesterday, I rediscovered reason to continue this blog, to carry on with this once-exciting project. 

As it has (or had) become. this project is a classic example of good intentions but inconsistent or fading ends. Whatever the full motivation then, the waning that followed is fitting to a project where early effort, a good start, gradually tapers off.  

The entries or postings to follow, for the unforeseeable future, are much the same (as before).  First, about my Website at, the books written or in development, and second (and secondary) about the materials and media that I read or follow for understanding, thought and sometimes just plain entertainment.  I like the way some writers put it; that their work(s) is one part planned, perhaps with an outline at the onset, but then the another, more decided or determined as they go at it, the science and art. 

I hope that this writing will benefit me and you too, whoever you are….   

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