Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Comments from a collection of recent, related articles

From a recent article by the Mises Institute, Jeff Deist, “Will It Take Food Shortages to End Support for the Shutdown”. He writes:
Who didn’t (doesn’t) see this? Will it take outright food shortages to make Americans change their minds about whether the shutdown is “worth it”? 

But then he goes on to say that many (Americans) have yet to sense or suffer the ill-effects of this apparent cause and response, and while unemployment continues on pace at the
most intense rate in American history (to include The Great Depression) yet many apparently hold that: the state is genuinely concerned for the health of society and that the virus is the real cause behind present policy.    

In another article from Ron Paul on April 28, his daily video, a guest physician-scientist discusses the similarity between the Global Warming program and that of this virus;  of how the state controls the message or content of reporting to comport with their agenda or interests--never mind the veracity of the message, the validity of data or any other measure of credibility and legitimacy.  

Who would censor and control the message and content of reporting?    
Another article of yesterday, Chris Hedges warns per the title that “These are the good times—compared with what’s coming next.”  With the understanding that the U.S. is a empire in decline, Hedges has written and voiced much as to the basis for his beliefs that our best years are behind us and that, as empires rise and fall, so too is (and will) the U.S. 

The real causes for economic distress and perhaps the greatest depression to follow, Darker Winter, have nothing to do with the virus in particular but rather is generally due to the abuses of power that invariably result in the relative few possessing the most while the many bear the brunt of said abuses of authority and the burden of unprecedented debt, simply stated as greed and graft. 

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