Friday, April 24, 2020

Cycles as it is

By “cycles”, I mean the apparent repetition or recurrence of events, historical and economic.

Cycles are said (by some of account) to be real, living; that what happens is not exclusively unique but is also the resurgence of past events and experiences. 

Among these cycles is The Grand Solar Minimum; a centennial event of weather change for which we are now in, the earth, that will affect food production among other effects. 

Harry Dent, investment advisor, is among those who speak of cycles in the economy. I just watched a recent video on this very subject, which is why I am posting this now. 

In the film, “Margin Call”, a high-ranking character gives a brief history of such cycles or at least major "market downturns": 

So apparently there is repetition, some recall; cycles of boom or bust, hotter and colder that is some way are linked to the rotation and revolution of the earth, the planets and other things of powers beyond human intervention or control let alone understanding.  

“What goes up must come down,” so the song “Spinning Wheel” goes from Blood, Sweat and Tears in 1968.   

Just as gravity exerts force on weight so too do other forces, natural or not, return to exhibit what seems the rule and perhaps with some cyclical pattern. 

Is it true, this cyclical nature, the cycles of life, economic and environmental? 

From Ecclesiastes, chapter 3, King Solomon begins: 
There is a time for everything, a season for every activity under the heavens…
And, as with the inference to cycles or recurrences in “Spinning Wheel’, so too this scripture incorporated into music by the late Pete Seeger, covered by: Judy Collins; Peter, Paul & Mary, The Byrds and possibly more.  

There are seasons and there is cycles but as to how the coming Darker Winter develops, the cyclical nature may be augmented with other influences unique to our modern age: information, systems and other aspects of technology each/all that lend to more power—and therefore more abuses, just as the atomic warfare to greater carnage and carried-on effect. 

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