Thursday, April 30, 2020

Empires fall in part because of plagues

There is a tendency for empires to rise slower than they fall, and as described in this posting and the video link, “the fall” can coincide with plague, disease and pestilence.  

In the linked 15-minute video below; a quick, snarky overview of…

Whereas information has accelerated at literally light speed, still, we remain confused if not by the mix than more by the mainstream media, a servant of the state.  Meanwhile, folks fit on masks of all varieties, duped into believing that a mask is a prevention—rather than as designed, to stop saliva spraying...protecting others. 

Then there is social distancing; not a new concept or even a “new normal”, but more aimed as yet another measure to foment fears and accelerate an already anti-social society to be pushed over the edge, fearing any “close contact” (“GIVE ME MY SPACE!”) while giving yet more excuse and even “right” to draw the line,   gladly (and graciously) accepting yet another measure of "flattening the curve" or drawing-down the disease—“the spread”. 

Tapping into the very nature of folks, “safety and security” is beyond a “no-brain-er”, to mean that folks are excused from questioning or doubting these measures, let alone the apparent cause(s) behind them.  

Drawing on the premise previously applied to patriotism following 911,
You’re either with us or against us (for or against terrorism) 

What choices or options does one really have or, more pointedly, what power does the individual have to simply say, “No!” or “Why?” 

But periods and pandemics give no quarter for the critical thinkers or any who question authority or allegedly danger the lives of others by wittingly failing to comply or conform. 

Commensurate with globalism however, this particular episode covers a geographic area and its population like no other in recorded history; it a pandemic best characterized by this statement of statecraft, 

Never before have so many reacted to so little given so much cause and consideration to the concern that so few of that population have so much power 

Of course, absolute power corrupts absolutely--but never mind the realities amid fantasy.  

Given the magnitude and mass of this episode, the notion of a "new normal" is a myth--as surely what awaits the individual is a rate of change beyond both conscience and  conscious, and so The Darker Winter

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