Tuesday, April 28, 2020

More (of) good that can come

Once again, the possibilities and opportunities that spring from suffering and sacrifice—even when the circumstances seem unjust, flawed or corrupt. 

I could (can) share some of my own experiences, the many consequences in and through the divorce and child custody, but I will not this time.  Indeed, much of my writing and even more of my inspiration and desire to write springs from the tragedy of divorce, loss of much priceless and then my criminality per perjured testimony with all its consequences to this day. 

Here, I go much further and farther to elaborate on much greater suffering and sacrifice; that of those who, in the example and the obedience of Christ, endure much loss—even their lives—yet are strengthened in their faith and founding Father.  And still any who discover the previous hereafter in view of this fallen world, longing and waiting for Christ return, the great and dreadful day.

Today, I received in the mail and small book from John Piper, and the title, Coronavirus and Christ. In the closing chapter, he speaks of “Setbacks and Strategic Advance”; that whatever the conditions, wherever the cause, or still the costs of it all, initial and residual; yet, God allows it to happen to you, me and us. And still the rain falls on the unjust and the just as so too the sun, it’s warmth and otherwise. 

John Piper:
This is often God’s way. The global scope of the coronavirus is too great for God to waste. It will serve his invincible global purpose of world evangelization.
So while I wrangle and worry over the why, the who (not to uniquely suggest the World Health Organization) and how, yet God is sovereign and, while allowing man’s will to occur, promises to save any and all who trust and received salvation in Christ. 

This should be the hope and help for you, for me, for us. 

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