Monday, April 20, 2020

More on marriage and the state

"Marriage and the state" is not a marriage made in heaven. 

The state's form of marriage first appears as a mere license but then, beyond that, is much more for the state and much less for marriage, societal strength. Indeed, the state continues to expand the definition of marriage and thus, like the politician who tries to be all things to all people, ends-up being nothing to no one.  

The expansion of marriage and, more, the reformation of divorce, is a double-edged sword that finally is a mortal wound on the family, marriage and the church body. 

To understand the above statement(s) is to embrace the actual overall and underlying purpose and plan the state:  POWER! 

How can anyone willingly and wittingly accept the state as anything less (or more) than that of force (power) to acquire more power?  

Never Get A State Marriage License

Divorce is (has been) big business for the law, but the bigger prize for the state is the take down of societal strength via its assault on fatherhood, marriage, family and the church.  

More to come.  

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