Monday, April 20, 2020

More on “separation of church and state”

As to “separation” however, the truth is that The State and church are not—nor were—separate. The two are distinctly, directly or indirectly related through the IRS, the 501c3, among other places and points in society dating back to Constantine’s nationalizing of Christianity.

I believe there is nothing wrong with Christians in government (however additionally challenging the duality of both worlds as indeed it is or becomes), where, quite possibly the faithful can serve society well, given the person's final allegiance to God over man, the church over the state.  Needless to say, this challenge may be beyond.... 

So often however, the state glibly refers to God—as a faux tribute in such examples as money and more, the often abused, "And God bless America", tacked-on to some political speechCan you realistically hold that the state is subservient to any other than itself, it's passion and possession, power?  

The church is finally beholden to Christ—not the state or any other creation of humankind—and thus must be found faithful however or whatever things past, present and future.  May God grant the body mercy and might, the grace to give beyond human life and the strength to endure to the end.   

More to come.   

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